LPs are Mongolia-Bound, with “Building Buddies”

Our LP Series conveyors keep riding along with the “Building Buddies” traveling exhibition for children’s education. For the summer of 2016, “Building Buddies” is on its way to Mongolia… and beyond!

This colorful role-playing experience teaches construction basics to preschoolers, using kid-safe plastic “plumbing,” wall painting (with lights) and brick wall construction with conveyors used to transport the foam blocks.   It was was first displayed in Canada in 2011, and in the U.S. in 2013 at locations in the Oklahoma Museum network. The “Building Buddies” roadshow was created by and is maintained by Toboggan Design of Montreal, Canada.

(Our LP Series conveyors show up in the video at 1:18, 1:37 and 2:06.)

Ganged LP Conveyors Aid in Metal Stamping

By ganging several narrow LP Series conveyors to a single gearmotor, a single piece of material placed across them can move forward, in identical speed and in perfect alignment. This is important in applications such as metal stamping, where conveyors can be integrated into the machine to move material though the stamping dies located inside (with conveyors spaced to avoid any internal elements of the machine). Ganged conveyors are especially useful for progressive stamping, where the different parts of the material run beneath a progression of different punch-press dies during a single run.

Ganged LP conveyors in metal stamping

Ganged LP conveyors in metal stamping

Automated CNC Machine Loading with LP Series Conveyor

By automating the materials-loading, using LP Series conveyors at these CNC machining stations, the operator is free to attend to other production tasks during cycle time. With the resulting labor cost and time savings, these conveyors have paid for themselves.

Machine cells with LP Series conveyors

Machine cells with LP Series conveyors

How Our Photo-Sensor Option Works on LP Series Conveyor

Many people asked, so here’s a short video of how our new Reflective Sensor option for the LP Series works.   As we posted previously, this economical photoelectric laser sensor  is based on object detection on the conveyor belt.  It’s a quick and easy way to make sorting and other material handling tasks even easier.  It functions to stop the conveyor when the product breaks the laser beam across the belt. When product is removed, the conveyor will again run until it senses another product.

For more information on this option, you can read the prior post or visit the Reflective Sensor product page on the Mini-Mover website.

Bottle Capping Assist with Lite Series Incline Conveyor & Hopper

Our customer uses this Lite Series  conveyor to feed caps into a secondary hopper, which in turn feeds the capping machine on the bottle packaging line.  Along with a 24″ x 24″ metal hopper, a control sensor was added to allow the conveyor to start and stop.  All components – conveyor, hopper and controls – are mounted on a Mini-Mover incline stand with rolling casters, making the unit completely portable.

Lite Series conveyor in Capping Line

Lite Series Conveyor in Bottle Capping Line