LP Series Conveyor in Miniature Reject Station with PLC Trainers

This LP Series Mini-Mover conveyor is an integral part of a miniature reject station in Automation Nth’s employee and customer Training Center. The reject station is used to simulate a few of the challenges that controls engineers may face in an actual conveying applications. The company’s controls engineers have the opportunity to connect any one of eight (8) different PLC trainers to the conveyor. The reject station is also used as part of a training class offered to the company’s customers.

LP Series Mini-Mover in Reject Station

LP Series Mini-Mover in Reject Station

Complete Reject Station Trainer by Automation Nth

Complete Reject Station Trainer by Automation Nth

Celebrate MFG DAY! And U.S. Mfg Has Grown at Fastest Pace Since 2004

Today is Manufacturing Day and this week’s figures from the Institute for Supply Management showed American manufacturing expanded last month at the fastest pace in 13 years.

Chart: US Mfg at Highest Growth Pace in 13 Years

US Mfg at Highest Growth Pace in 13 Years

MFG DAY is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing during which manufacturers invite their communities – including students, educators, business-people, media, and politicians – to their facilities in a collective effort to educate visitors about manufacturing career opportunities and improve public perceptions of manufacturing.

Started in 2012, MFG DAY has seen participation grow dramatically over the years. For more details, view the complete article plus an informative MFG DAY infographic at Supply Chain 24/7

1 Lite Conveyor + 1 Dump Truck + 3 Kids = Fun at Museum Exhibit

Here’s an educational and interactive Children’s Museum exhibit that uses 1 Lite Series conveyor, 1 dump truck, 3 children and teamwork.  Child 1 (pink arrow) cranks the fertilizer pellets into the dump truck.  Child 2 (blue arrow) drives the filled truck to the farmland and unloads it, and Child 3 (green arrow) navigates the pellets across the field to fill every open slot. It’s a a fun way for kids to work together in this educational game.  And we had fun, doing our part working with Exhibit Concepts of Vandalia, Ohio, to help make this display a success.

Lite Series Conveyor Loads Dump Truck

Lite Series Conveyor Loads Dump Truck

Children's Exhibit - Lite Series Conveyor with Dump Truck

Lite Series Conveyor and Dump Truck in a Children’s Teamwork Game Exhibit

Punch Press Operation with LP Series Mini-Mover

Sheet metal punch press operation goes a little more efficiently with an LP Series Mini-Mover in this HVAC manufacturer’s facility. After shearing and initial punch shown here, the sheets are stacked for staging to the next operation.

Tough Lite Conveyor Speeds Electronics Parts Mfg.

This Lite Series conveyor  was installed as an ergonomic improvement to eliminate a high hopper in this electronic parts workstation. The copper Thermi-Foil connectors in this part of the manufacturing process  are brazed to shut the wire barrel seams.  Then the connectors are collected and moved to the next station.  It’s important that the conveyor belting can withstand this, and our customer says “the belts are tough as nails.”

Lite Series Mini-Mover Conveyor in Electronics Mfg Line

Lite Series Conveyor in Electronics Mfg Line