Punch Press Operation with LP Series Mini-Mover

Sheet metal punch press operation goes a little more efficiently with an LP Series Mini-Mover in this HVAC manufacturer’s facility. After shearing and initial punch show here, the sheets are stacked for staging to the next operation.

Tough Lite Conveyor Speeds Electronics Parts Mfg.

This Lite Series conveyor  was installed as an ergonomic improvement to eliminate a high hopper in this electronic parts workstation. The copper Thermi-Foil connectors in this part of the manufacturing process  are brazed to shut the wire barrel seams.  Then the connectors are collected and moved to the next station.  It’s important that the conveyor belting can withstand this, and our customer says “the belts are tough as nails.”

Lite Series Mini-Mover Conveyor in Electronics Mfg Line

Lite Series Conveyor in Electronics Mfg Line

Paint Roller Bagging System with Lite Conveyors

Cleated Lite Series conveyors used in the Rollmaster Paint Roller Bagging System help make this system compact and efficient. Developed by All Packaging Machinery (APM) , the Rollmaster bagger is a great illustration of APM’s design ingenuity to solve packaging application challenges.  The system includes a conveyorized paint-roller infeed, automatic cycling option, electric eye for printed film and a cleated LP conveyor for product separation and an inclined Lite Series conveyor for easy product discharge.

“Striped” LP Conveyors in Testing Station

No, they’re not racing stripes.  The longitudinal cleats, or ribs,  on these LP series conveyors are specially spaced to hold and align cylindrical parts as they’re moved in staggered pairs along the belt.  We suggested to the customer a ribbed-belt configuration on a single conveyor, which allowed them to save floor space — and avoid the cost of using two side-by-side conveyors for the application.

LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyor with Ribbed Belt

LP Series Conveyor with Ribbed Belt



Polycarb Window in LP Conveyor for Vision System

Our customer needed to move very thin polycarb or PET type laminate sheets across their vision cameras, mounted below, while keeping the sheet material completely flat.  Our solution was to insert polycarb windows in the bedplate slot we machined into these LP Series conveyors, to ensure no sheet sagging or catching while in motion.

Polycarb Window in LP Conveyor for Vision System

Polycarb Window in LP Conveyor for Vision System