Tabletop Feet and Extender Options for Mini-Mover Conveyor

Tabletop feet have become a popular accessory for Mini-Mover Conveyors in bench-top applications. These sturdy, rubber-bottomed feet keep the unit stable on the surface, yet completely portable. The feet alone can bring the conveyor up to about 3″ max from the bench surface in most cases. But if a little more height is needed, the extender tubes allow an extra inch or two to be added, and with the same degree of stability.

Lite and LP Conveyors - Tabletop Stand - Foot Extenders

Lite and LP Conveyors – Tabletop Foot Extenders

For more information, browse our conveyor stands at the Mini-Mover Conveyors website.

Inclined LP Conveyor Saves Scientists Some Backaches

Sometimes, small changes in a work sequence can save operators a lot of aches and pains. This application uses an inclined LP Series conveyor in a semi-automatic packaging system in the company’s R & D lab. Before the conveyor was added, the operators had to manually place the pallet on the top belt or push it up a chute, which led to arm and back strain after only after a few hours. We’re happy to hear that “everyone loves the conveyor.”

Lite Conveyor in Electrical Engineering Lab

Lite Series conveyors are being used in a college electrical engineering lab, as part of a PLC/LabView training system (as shown below). The student’ programming goal is to perform the following sequence:  First, the main tank on the far left is to fill the other two tanks (Tank 1 and Tank 2 respectively, in purple). Then the conveyor must move a cup to Tank 1, stop it beneath the nozzle, and where 1″ of fluid is then dispensed into it. Then, the cup is to move to Tank 2, and stop under the nozzle. Fluid in Tank 2 must first be heated to 80°F before 1″ of warmed fluid is dispensed into to the cup. This is controlled by either the Allen Bradley PLC or the National Instruments DAQ, depending on if it is a PLC class or LabView class.

Lite Series conveyor use in Electrical Engeering Lab trainer

Lite Series Conveyor Used in Electrical Engineering Lab Trainer

RTA and LP Surge for bottle sort & coding – video

From product assembly to visual inspection to container laser coding, a combination of LP Series conveyor and RTA set up with surge function, allow this lab to automate the most time-consuming section of its process.

Money Saving “Gizmo” uses Ingenuity & 6 LP Conveyors

In a custom quality-control system nicknamed “Gizmo,” developed by Post-Logix, six LP Series conveyors help guide cabinet doors though a bar-code reader. The reader scans each cabinet’s UV bar-code to gather dimensional details, product details and quality conformance. By March 2017, Gizmo had so far scanned 150,000 doors. Already, it has helped the cabinetry company to save millions of dollars in scrap, to speed up QC and to reduce labor time and human error in processing.

LP Series Conveyors Used in Money-Saving Gizmo

LP Series Conveyors Used in Money-Saving Gizmo

Read more details about the application on the Post-Logix’s Facebook page.