Lite Conveyor in Electrical Engineering Lab

Lite Series conveyors are being used in a college electrical engineering lab, as part of a PLC/LabView training system (as shown below). The student’ programming goal is to perform the following sequence:  First, the main tank on the far left is to fill the other two tanks (Tank 1 and Tank 2 respectively, in purple). Then the conveyor must move a cup to Tank 1, stop it beneath the nozzle, and where 1″ of fluid is then dispensed into it. Then, the cup is to move to Tank 2, and stop under the nozzle. Fluid in Tank 2 must first be heated to 80°F before 1″ of warmed fluid is dispensed into to the cup. This is controlled by either the Allen Bradley PLC or the National Instruments DAQ, depending on if it is a PLC class or LabView class.

Lite Series conveyor use in Electrical Engeering Lab trainer

Lite Series Conveyor Used in Electrical Engineering Lab Trainer