SPEDE Portable Inspection-Counting-Labeling System with Lite

This is a trade show demo of  a “mobile conveyor parts counting/verification system” designed and fabricated by SPEDE Technologies, which includes a Mini-Mover Lite Series conveyor as well as other important components. This system was displayed at the recent automotive tradeshow in Michigan.

The SPEDE system can take human-error out of the counting and verification process at packaging and labeling time by using combinations of technologies — such as vision sensors, PLC controls, diverters, weigh scales, etc. The system is designed to precisely count parts, using a vision sensor, as the parts are conveyed underneath the sensor. The counted parts can be dropped or diverted into a container or hand-packed into special dunnage, if necessary. All these capabilities are essential to automotive OEMs to meet quality specifications such as Honda’s MPRs (Minimum Process Requirements).

Additional benefits of the SPEDE system is that the conveyor can be of various widths and lengths to accommodate different part sizes. It’s easily be mounted on a mobile cart that can be moved from line to line, as needed to ensure packaging accuracy on that line. For details on the SPEDE system, visit the company’s website at www.spede.com